Some differences between enterprise apps and consumer apps.

The way to use information and conduct business is changing the world through the use of mobile applications. Nowadays mobile applications are part of the lives of people, many people use mobile applications for different tasks and functions, such as corporate executives to various obligations, youth to find their tasks and small children to play; on the other social networks and connect with users become more dependent, and easy to connect with friends, clients and its surroundings.

The challenge of mobile applications not only to provide flexibility and immediacy, but also efficient use of device resources and networks, and provide information that allows them to make timely decisions to all users regardless of age and need.

From the point of view of mobile applications, are separated into 2 groups, they are: Mobile applications for the business world (Business App.) and consumer applications (Market App.)

Below we will point out some differences between the Business and Consumer Mobile App.

Customer. In Business App client or customer is a company and often solves a business need.

The App market client can be the millions of users that exist in the mobile phone world and often solve a personal need.

Distribution. The App bussines typically the distribution is made by the company that has the need, for example a Mobile App sales force, who is installed on the users system department of the company.

App market distribution is often done via the worlds associated with various platforms (App. world, Google Play, App store) and installation is at the request of mobile user.

Training or instruction. In App Business is often necessary to empower business users about the functionality or purpose of the application eg explain what kind of payment condition or what type of loan has a client in a management App credit.

In App market, the rule is to be intuitive, users in this type of App seldom read the instructions.

Prices. The value of App. business is based on the type of application and is often per project, and the cost difference depends on the effort and project duration.

The App market are mostly free or the price would not exceed $1.

Number of Users. In App Business users are defined by the company sometimes become hundreds or thousands, but the company is who authorizes or active.

The App market users become millions, distributed worldwide, and depend on the authorization or request of the mobile owner to be downloaded to your computer.

Integration. The Enterprise App almost always carry some kind of integration with a system of "Back-end" or special enterprise system.

The App market a few times they are integrated into a system of "Back-end" and regularly contain proprietary information of the user, ie all information persists in the cell or the cloud.

Maintenance. In App Business maintenance is done by the department system, and new updates respond to changes within the organization.

The consumer App maintenance is done through a new version and often notifies the user to upgrade to the new version.

Devices. Usually there is no difference in the type of device from a business or market app, however it is important to note that some enterprise mobile App require greater resource consumption of mobile devices.


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